As a company that has been founded on the roots of live Indian music, we firmly believe that this sphere of the industry has a huge potential for talented artists seeking the right platform for their growth. Yours Eventfully is a team of passionate music enthusiasts and industry professionals that have worked alongside some of the incredible talents across the country and have managed to provide them extravagant platforms to put forward their talent to the right audience.

Not only music, but we are also passionate about building life-long relationships with artists who make the magic happen on stage and to deliver some extraordinary performances with their help. Yours Eventfully is a place where we nurture musicians so that they can stay focused on developing their art while allowing them fair business opportunities to make a living out of it.

Artists and Repertoire

Founded on the principles of a small-town band making it big in the Indian music industry, Yours Eventfully is well apprised of the struggles that an artist faces in its early years. It is difficult finding a voice in an industry that is built on so many hierarchical levels and can often be the face of exploitation for talented artists. Yours Eventfully has worked to bridge the gap between artists and the right platform by providing them a 360-degree support system that takes care of all their needs, right from their promotion to the final management steps with record labels.

We are always open to new talents who want to make a career in the industry. If you are passionate about music and have the talent to make it big in the industry, the team at Yours Eventfully will make sure that you get all the assistance that you require to do so.

Events and Media

While the team at Yours Eventfully ensures that the artist develops in a correct manner, we make sure we are able to cater to our clients’ requirements to the best of our ability. With an experience of over 1000 live performances across the globe, we can guarantee that you will find an artist that will pump life into your event at Yours Eventfully. Other than focusing on developing their talents, we also assist the artists in developing their on-stage skills as well as communication skills in order to keep the crowd enthused by raising the energy level a bar higher than your expectations.

Be it any social gathering, a music festival, or a casual night of celebration, our clients can rely on us to provide them the best available artists as per their preference. Our services extend beyond providing you artists, by helping you map out an entire event from scratch. Have a look at some of the events that we have successfully conducted in the past (link inserted here).